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Review of Daryl T. Sturgis’ Solstice

Although Octavia Butler left us way too soon and Rod Serling and Toni Morrison have yet to create an artistic heir, Daryl T. Sturgis’ Solstice Macaffey, the protagonist in his first novel, Solstice has come to save the day.


Why we refused to help Whitney

The first time I heard Whitney Houston sing, I was mesmerized.


How to create significant effects with small causes

You Tube and a flip camera and an incredible idea steeped in the commitment to change can yield incredible results. Take a peek at this individual who is doing just that. Prepare to be floored. Thanks Ben.

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Why Social Networking is responsible for Social Change

Social Networking, although assumed by many to be a waste of time, is an effective tool in creating and maintaining social change. These days so many wonderful people are doing so many wonderful things. It is my curiosity and desire to learn how people are not only getting their personal messages into the world but how information gets shared.


My response to Mark S. King’s: Have sex go to jail

People with HIV who do not disclose their status to their sexual partners are risking arrest and prosecution.


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