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How we use HIV to victimize

Long Beach, CA has the third or second highest HIV infection rate in the state of California.


Why indiscriminate promiscuity is the best solution for eliminating racism

Upon recently finishing the thought provoking and paradigm shifting, WHY ARE FAGGOTS SO AFRAID OF FAGGOTS ?, I am convinced that racism is cloaked in preference and one way to defeat racism is to (safely)sleep around indiscriminately.

What does this entail ?

It means for those of us cruising the internet or public places that we don't limit who we fuck.

That we only limit what we will do not with whom.

We eliminate things like no Asians or Blacks (unless their hung like a wild animal) and simply state the type of sexual act we would like to partake in.

We need to be more honest. If I prefer a certain sexual act does it matter with whom I perform it ?

I was recently told of a very dear friend (black) who only dates whites who in turn only dates black, hung tops. Since this individual is only one of these things, he often ends up with hurt feelings. If all involved parties widened their aesthetic, maybe things would work out differently and a whole lot of build up and dashed expectations would never occur.

If you want your hole plugged does it really matter by whom ?

The same goes for those of us who want to plug.

It really doesn't matter who is on the receiving end if this is all that I'm requiring.

We only run into problems when we attempt to use our magical powers for transforming a situation or a person into something that will never be or into a situation that would be best left alone.

By simple seeking out the act as opposed to the person we give racism the finger by not allowing stereotypes to dictate and determine our desires and what we find appealing.

It has always been interesting to me how selective queens try to be when they are in stealth cruise mode. I have more than once started laughing at a faggot who tries to pretend he has standards when he is in a public restroom or park looking for cock.

The minute you made the decision to start the hunt standards got tossed aside.

As an EOS( Equal Opportunity Slut), I have been with every race and every body type.

When looking to make physical contact, I allowed other factors to influence my decision. Physical contact at different times in my life was a need and a (numbers) game.

Unlike so many of my contemporaries, I don't have a type at least as it pertains to my elimination of racism.

This works because it then allows me to look for other things when choosing if and with whom to love and partner.

By indiscriminately slutting about, my head is not turned nor am I settling for someone who isn't my "type" when I am in a relationship.

Instead, I am turned on by the person in front of me using a different set of criterion : is he gentle, kind, committed to growing as an individual and within our relationship.

So what are you doing to end racism in the gay community ? Are you slutting about to complete your men of the world bed mates collection ?

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