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What to Do When Black Leaders Won’t Lead

When our leaders are slain or not given the spotlight or have it taken away, the black community is plunged into chaos and confusion.

Because we have not been reared in the art of power sharing and have been taught to mistrust one another, we are often one charismatic leader away from being forced to restart any and all social progress should leadership change.

The AIDS crisis (which continues to rip through the black community at a startling rate), unemployment and mental health are just a few things that continue to menace us individually and thwart continuous movement for us collectively.

When Dr. King was assassinated, there was no one willing or able to continue with his dream.

When Malcolm X was assassinated, there was no backup plan that included a polished and able young person to ensure that all the momentum gained was not immediately and irreparably lost.

Once the death threats began early and often, there should have been an intense search and prompt training should the threats become reality.

As a culture, we are always hoping and praying as a strategy.

While I believe in prayer's power, I am also a fervent believer in recognizing when change and catastrophe are circling above.

What is needed is a group of diverse black leaders who love blackness and are committed to the possibilities that lie undiscovered and getting our minds right (mental health). I did not say black folks (leaders) who sentimentalize the "black experience " and prattle on incessantly about yesteryear and the need for two parent heterosexual households.

There are three things that those of us who crave freedom and self actualization can do to ensure that our leadership is accountable, powerful and vigilant in their own and black humanity's evolution.

As a group, we have to do the work that is inclusive of all types of leaders no matter where they come from (socioeconomic backgrounds , different sexual and spiritual practices) or what they perceive to be leadership.

Often times, we police our own in ways that are downright pitiful.

We assume that only the poor of us know suffering and the educated should speak once the media appears.

When young people can only hear "hood speak" and become deaf to anything but this vernacular this is a problem.

When the privileged among us decide that we can speak for the masses despite our limited and sheltered backgrounds, this is equally disturbing.

Can we not all speak ? Should we all not be heard ? Why is it that we refuse to combine insight gained from differences in an effort to progress ?

Anybody who has grown up without (money, education, access to basic necessities) has learned a thing or two about surviving on meager resources. Those of us who have grown up without financial worries can also share our knowledge on how to save, manipulate finances and plan for the future.

Combining knowledge only works when individuals have not been completely terrorized by their circumstances and still have access to some clear thinking and have held on to their minds.

Sentimentalists marvel at poor people and want to hear of their struggles.

They won't question why the struggle exists. Those who have been raised with much needn't feel guilty (another sentimentality trick). Instead, a concerted effort could be made to combine extremes and create a third approach to community and personal victory.

Part of accepting and fully integrating difference among all those who could most benefit it involves also looking at our LGBTQ comrades.

As a community that is still discriminated by those that look like us, we have much to share regarding strategies for resisting domination. We have some stellar leaders who are deftly schooled in the art of leadership. Does a differing sexuality only provoke fear and dismissal or should insight be welcomed regardless ?

We need to demand more of our leaders by demanding more of ourselves and those we know and love.

When a leader's vision is faulty or not well thought out, we need to challenge and question.

We require people and leaders who are not afraid to speak truth, think and be unpopular.

If our leadership(whether it is granted or seized) refuses to lead in ways that are inclusive, it should be tossed out.

Debate and dissent in the black community is not encouraged.

Many times I have been in a discussion with an elder and have fought the impulse to be silent as a way of showing respect. This thinking helped no one and in some instances hurt an important relationship.

We prevent confusion and impediments to our collective growth when we determine that changes be made, power be shared and leadership skills be taught to all.

This may not solve all problems but it will definitely invite change and offer fresh solutions.

Leaders exist in all arenas.

We have been taught to look for certain ones in certain arenas and ignore those that do not fit our predetermined criterion.

We must stop this shortsighted and discriminatory practice thereby inviting all of those who think and love well to a place at the table.

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Why we all need a love army and a three step process to building and maintaining one Part Three

Building a love army is not complete without the final step (letting go of relationships that you've outgrown).

When creating a love army, it is imperative that we are brutally honest with ourselves. It is not cruel or selfish to realize that certain behaviors and people are no longer what your life requires.

When evolution of self is the goal, it makes sense to look about and discover where and when I am doing things that make no sense and keep me stuck.

I often invite distractions into my life to avoid taking action.

We often don't see them (things we enjoy) as distractions instead we refer to them as boredom, relaxing, nap time, having a snack, surfing the net. While none of these activities are bad, they often eat up our day and suck the life from our willing and unfocused minds.

As a young dreamer in my early 20's , I was obsessed with Oprah Winfrey and the amazing things she was able to accomplish.

I spent many hours marveling at what she did and thinking that perhaps the gods had smiled on her and it was my job (along with the rest of the world) to simply bask in her brilliance and accomplishments knowing that this could never be me.

The major difference was how she spent her time and the type of forward moving and thinking individuals with which she associated herself.

Nobody who truly loves you wants you to be less than your brilliant, fully alive self. Nobody who truly loves you will want anything but the absolute best for you.

Those that love you will hold you accountable for consistently moving towards an evolution that serves you first and the world second.

I often ask myself : Do I feel empowered when I'm around so and so ? Do I feel uplifted and clear about myself, my goals and my inner resources when I'm in this person's company ?

I have asked myself (Am I stunting this person's growth by remaining in their life ?).

More than once, I have examined my interaction with someone and realized that my presence was a distraction.

Herein lies the most difficult reality: knowing that while you are not plotting to stunt another's growth, their development is interrupted because of your interaction. I have had to leave very familiar and comfortable surroundings at several points in my life.

While each move was scary and required time to adjust to a self-induced change, I regret nothing.

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Why We All Need a Love Army and a Three Step Process to Building and Maintaining One Part 2

I want to believe that I am still 25.

Accepting limitations is hard. Nobody wants to acknowledge that they are not the person they used to be.

By accepting our limitations, we cannot be held back or limited because of them.

This is the second step in building a love army.

Start looking for folks who can do things you can't. We are taught that we should know everything and never ask questions;we should and can do everything splendidly. Let's all accept the reality of being human and of our lives. Nobody does everything well.

As the old saying goes: God doesn't give with two hands. In other words, retire the cap and release the notion that anybody can do everything well.

Part of building a love army is knowing where you shine and where you don't. I have trouble listening to people because much of childhood was mired in discouragement about what was possible.

I trained myself to listen to me.

My wonderful Love Army Captain, Jay, is an incredible listener but an awful cook. When he used to visit me, I would cook and he would listen.

While I can spend time working on my weakness, wouldn't a better use of my time be spent doing what I do well and then bringing in folk who are more suited for skills in other areas ?
Many people have a mentality steeped in the belief that to ask anybody for anything is weak.This type of thinking severely limits what they will allow themselves to achieve.

As a result, they don't achieve much or get very far in life.

My friend Jay often comments on my ability to turn situations around and create value despite any present circumstances or reality.

When we know and accept where we excel(and are aware of and accept where we don't) and allow the same for others, true magic can occur.

Have you figured out where your weaknesses lie and whom you can dispatch to keep you from trying to do it all ?

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Why We all need a Love Army and a Three Step Process to Building and Maintaining One

In Sade's 2010 single, "Soldier of Love", she shares she's doing her best.

As a person who is also committed to doing his best, my devotion to friends and a few family members is how I strive and hold myself responsible for showing up for me. For many years, I was unaware that myself and everyone needs a love army. There are many ways to build them and they are in constant need of revamping and vigilance when things go wrong.

What I love most about my life is that I have one helluva love army.

It is my wish and hope that we all create one of our own. Throughout my life, I have learned that you need three things to create this life sustaining arsenal.

First, the clarity to know where you are weak and in which direction you would like to go.

Secondly, taking stock of who in your camp is already doing their part and who you can assist.

Third, letting go of old one-sided relationships that you have outgrown and are based in guilt, obligation or simple convenience.

When attempting to do more than sit around and wait for the gods to come a calling, a person has to get very clear about what it is they are trying to achieve and why.

Passionate people devoted to things passionately are a great place to start.

Many times you will find yourself in relationship with someone who occupies a very different space in the world than you do. We should welcome perspectives that are different than ours. We should seek out a person who has a different set of baggage and bs than ours.

There have been several occasions when I was attacking a problem with minimal results because my resources were limited. I could only pull from and make a reference from a familiar experience.

By including passionate people (committed to having great relationships, staying sober, getting out of debt and building personal wealth) I always have the opportunity to look at and then do things differently.

When you have folks in your immediate circle committed to winning in their personal lives and assisting those that they love to do the same, you have a powerful combination that is unstoppable.

So what is it that you would like to create and who in your personal circle can help you achieve this ?

Can't think of anyone ? Start thinking about making some changes in who you call friend.

Let's assume you have a wonderful cadre of pals and you have decided you want to go back to school, start a business, get out of debt or set some serious life changing boundaries. Who in your cluster has done any one these things and either succeeded or made a colossal mess.

You can learn from both extremes.

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