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30 Day Challenge- Moving from Dad Bod to Healthy Body Day 14-17

For the past four or five days, I’ve been bedridden and unable to get to yoga or Salsa or move my body. Between Nyquil Shooters, vitamin concoctions, tons of water and cayenne/honey/apple cider vinegar infused chamomile tea, there was not much time for anything but sleep. Major realizations occur when near-death experiences loom. I realized… Read More »

30 Day Challenge- Moving from Dad Bod to Healthy Body Day 10

Listen ya’ll I played myself. I was supposed to get up this morning and hit hot yoga at 6 since I didn’t have to be at work until noon. However, a warm bed and the thought of a small class where I couldn’t hide in back told me to keep my ass in the bed.… Read More »

30 Day Challenge- Moving from Dad Bod to Healthy Body Day 7

Alright, today is day seven and I’m holding strong. Once again, my day job offered me chocolate rugelach and treats loaded with sugar and butter and calories. Normally, I would have snarfed down half a dozen of these chocolate puppies with a cup or sweetened cream and a splash of coffee. My life is different… Read More »

30 Day Challenge- Moving from Dad Bod to Healthy Body Day 6

Yesterday’s hot yoga class sucked serious coconuts. I couldn’t get through most of the poses and bounced between nausea and body aches. When you consistently miss workouts because of death or a birthday party or something that someone needs, your body forgets what to do and resists and fights against all attempts to get healthy.… Read More »

30 Day Challenge- Moving from Dad Bod to Healthy Body Day 2

Temptation always comes in a form you truly desire. As I join a friend for lunch at a wonderful Middle Eastern dinner, I must resist all the wonderful warm pita bread, baklava and french fries dipped in olive oil, lemon juice and sprinkled with feta and cilantro. I am on day five of carb free… Read More »

Burn the Manual Presents: Want to Create Miracles? Make These Two Changes

“Have you ever failed at something?” My youngest sister was asking my opinion on life and failing. I could only chuckle and then look her in the eye with this witty retort: “Most of the shit I’ve tried has failed. What’s made my life interesting is what I did after failing.” Rather than rattle off… Read More »

Psst: Here’s the Secret for Eliminating All Stress in Your Life

For many years, I was awash in curiosity about sociopaths and their behavior. In my twenties, I jumped from one ill fated and doomed romance to another always stating these dumb ass responses for my behavior: He “should” love me. He “should” give me some kind of act right. He “should ” want to be… Read More »

Ask the Old Guy Wonders: Did Desegregation Work?

When I was seven, my very gifted but slightly off her rocker Aunt used to perform Macbeth in our living room. She often discussed her love for all things Shakespeare and then rail on about what year in high school they studied each play. In my young impressionable mind, it was assumed that great literature,… Read More »

Gay Like Me: A Response to Time Wise’s White Like Me

Many years ago, I dated Tupac. While this statement is untrue, it belies the fact of the power that comes with being recognized, having attention and what is required to keep attention. Much of my early to mid twenties was spent whipping up what I then believed was a serious balls out revolution. I would… Read More »