How We All Benefit from Privilege

White male privilege is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. Whenever any bit of injustice show up, we get the opportunity to trot out the tried and true WMP. While it is fun and convenient to push every slight into this category, we all choose to overlook ways that people who… Read More »

Why Radical Feminism will Save Black Men and Those that Brutalize Them

Many smart, well meaning people are terribly confused about feminism and its power. Many folks assign those committed to feminist based struggle and societal reordering as: banner wavers, complainers, angry dykes(men in drag upset because certain resources are unavailable). My understanding of Radical Feminism’s power is based on how my life has been affected and… Read More »

What White Folks Can Do to End Brutality Against Black Men

Getting caught up on the week’s most important stories left me with much confusion and head scratching. There was no mention of Mike Brown. Dogs struck by cars and wandering mountain lions were deemed more important. Shocking news is not new and for the liberal and concerned white folks who seek justice and an improved… Read More »

A Letter to Mike Brown’s Parents

Dear Mr.and Mrs. Brown, Please forgive us for not standing up for your son. Please forgive us for not adopting him early and often in ways that would have made his death preventable. Forgive me for not understanding and refusing to believe that there are forces out there bent on destroying young, brilliant, beautiful black… Read More »

Richard Pryor, Murdered Black Men and Police Brutality

When I began doing stand up comedy in 1999, I aspired to be as brilliant as Richard Pryor. Great comedy slams ideas together, questions the ridiculousness of humor behavior, stares at what terrifies and points out how truly stupid and amazing human beings can be. Great artists force us to self reflect and offer us… Read More »

Twenty Dead… Gone but Not Forgotten

We have become too desensitized to the deaths of those in our community. Here is a list so that we never forget and continue to fight. Kimani Grey Kendrec McDade Timothy Russell Ervin Jefferson Amadou Diallo Patrick Dorismond Ousmane Zongo Timothy Stansbury Jr. Sean Bell Orlando Barlow Aaron Campbell Victor Steen Steven Eugene Washington Alonzo… Read More »