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Author Anthony Carter

  • Breaking the Silence: Why Black Men Neglect Self-Care and How to Change It
  • The Unspoken Burden: Self-Care for Black Men and Why It Matters
  • Strong Stuff Asks: Who’s in Your Love Army ?
  • Strong Stuff States: I Can’t Believe I Did That…So What ! Now What?!
  • Strong Stuff Asks: Why Did I Say This But Do That?
  • Strong Stuff Asks: What Actions Make You Feel Fearless ?
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  • The Great Male Bonding Hoax
  • How I learned to Stay Out of Credit Card Debt
  • Winning at Work By Giving Up Certainty

    Video & Audio

    Author Anthony Carter

    Kwame Sarfo-Mensah interviews me. It's always exciting to meet other black men committed to transforming themselves and the world. Please listen as we discuss millennials, education, great intergenerational relationships and how we can "Ask the Old Guy" for insight and get tools to create and sustain change. Enjoy!


    I talk about my book "Rules of Reality" in this video interview. If you'd like to link, the page for the video can be found here.


    Black, Gay and building community

    As gay men, any and all attempts to build community puts a nail in the coffin of domination, coercion and exploitation.


    Video & Audio

    Elisa Irish is a wonderful colleague who constantly grows and supports youth. The blog page about this video is here.


    Brooks Elms is a filmmaker and screenwriter from Hollywood. The blog page about this video is here.


    Meet Moon - singer, songwriter, filmmaker. She's a young Compton resident teaching her community of storytelling and representation. Listen as we discuss homeschooling, her creative process and the joy of finding your calling at sixteen. The blog page about this video is here.


    In the run up to the election my guest is Marquis Olison. He is the founder of Vote Plan 2020 and worked with President Obama. The blog page about this video is here.


    Today's guest is podcaster and storyteller Laura Cathcart Robbins. Listen in as we discuss raising children, sobriety, creativity and why being the only one in the room is both troubling and exciting. If you enjoy this video please tell your friends and share the blog page for it which is here.


    I talk with Super Social Change Agent, Nehemiah Frank. He discusses education, black youth, Tulsa and Black Wall Street. And what can we all contribute to make this country more compassionate? The blog page about this video is here.


    Ben Johnson Jr is s filmmaker, writer, artist and dad of four. The blog page about this video is here.


    I talk with Shariya' Gray - The Black-Matician. The blog page about this video is here. If you enjoy this video please tell your friends and link.


    Please join me in an intimate chat with my friend, Aaron Wilson. A chance encounter a little over a year ago provided me with an additional ally in my quest for world domination. Here we discuss music, solitude, self esteem and my two favorite topics: focus and building productive support networks. The blog post about this video is here .


    Mark S. King is a writer, activist and overall great guy. This is the latest in my series Visionaries and Truthtellers. A new video every three weeks. The blog post about this video is here.


    My guest is writer and social activist Craig Washington. Visionaries and Truthtellers is a series of conversations with artists, thinkers and anyone who is interested in the human condition. Every three weeks a new discussion will be published. The blog post about this video is here.

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