Why Cops and Black Men Choose Fear over Love

Twenty plus years ago Marianne Williamson’s brilliant Return to Love rocked my world. In this mind blowing book, she addressed the concept that everything we do in life moves us closer to fear or love. Brene Brown states that culturally our daily questions consists of: Who are we supposed to be afraid of and whose… Read More »

The Great Good/Bad Black Male Hoax

When I hear the nonsense of racism regarding scary black men and then get immediately assured that I am not one of “them”, I often wonder: When is my time coming ? We have been hoodwinked into believing that some of us deserve life (educated, churchgoing, those on their way to college) while others (drug… Read More »

How to Stop Police Brutality and Save Black Men

Today, September 1, marks the beginning of a movement. My movement is to stop the brutality of black men by police that continues to sweep this country on a daily basis. Black folks and those who care about us should be aghast at our treatment. Shock and disgust will not invite change. Praying and hoping… Read More »

Why Black People Need Science Fiction

“As soon as a character of color is introduced in a story, imagination stops”. Toni Morrison As a young boy, I loved The Twilight Zone, The Planet of the Apes and anything that provided insight into other worlds and possibilities. It is only as we age, that we learn dreaming and committing to difference, exploration… Read More »

What to Do When Black Leaders Won’t Lead

When our leaders are slain or not given the spotlight or have it taken away, the black community is plunged into chaos and confusion. Because we have not been reared in the art of power sharing and have been taught to mistrust one another, we are often one charismatic leader away from being forced to… Read More »