My Year of Living Dangerously by Taking Full Responsibility for Everything

Yesterday, I made a mistake at work and totally forgot to acquire an agreed upon resource for one of my wonderful students. Work relationships, like all relationships that you decide to invest in emotionally, give you the opportunity to address familial and chronic distresses and “not good enoughs”. We can decide to speak up or… Read More »

The Shocking Truth About the Lives of Gay Men

Gay men are steeped in shame. There is no gay man in this culture who has not been invited to indulge in a great amount of shame creation and subjugation. No matter our backgrounds, our subculture is one that invites shame. America is both sex obsessed and sex phobic. This makes for disturbing and horribly… Read More »

Why Every Queen Needs a Goddess

When Private Dancer hit the charts, I drove everybody around me nuts. While my parents constantly threatened to throw the goddamn album out the window if I continued to play it, I ignored their loving and gentle warnings and purchased another copy. What my parents and all the other haters didn’t understand was that I… Read More »