The I’m So “Busy” Hoax and What to Do About It

At a recent all staff meeting, there were some big,scary “what if” scenarios regarding “time management”. In my personal life, someone is always in a snit because I don’t pounce on my phone like a trained, coked-up seal desperate to be included in every conversation and interaction. I often “unplug” on a regular basis because… Read More »

Why Being Color Blind Is Racist and What to Do Instead

White Supremacy has to be the greatest invention mankind has ever created. I made the decision years ago to be more powerful than this invention, remain vigilant and “awake” and stay away from self defeating paranoia. My commitment to uprooting its seductive powers is based on relentless decolonization. My obsession with the collection and use… Read More »

Why We Fail Our Children by Not Letting Them Fail

As an adult who is passionate about children and how they learn,grow and succeed, my desire to ingest material that explains the discrepancies in education and how to effectively eliminate them is a major obsession. We don’t know how to ensure that our young people are successful and yet we constantly engender failure in them… Read More »

10 Warriors Who Gave Their Lives for Justice

I probably shouldn’t tell you this… Today is the 30th post and the end of my focus for now on black men, police brutality and the fight for justice that will continue albeit in another form. For now, I want to leave you with a list of ten brave soldiers who lost their lives in… Read More »

Warning! The Boogey Man is Real and Dangerous

When you have invested your heart into something working out a certain way, there is always the possibility that things will not work out or worse yet they will change without your knowledge or consent. This type of fear is rational and should not cause us to behave in ways that are less than sparkling.… Read More »

Three Things Black Folks Can Do to Improve Our Lives Part 3

Along with the commitment to mental health, we must also take charge of our physical well being. Diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure,stress (the body’s reaction to carrying more than it should, thanks bell hooks)and cancer are just a few of the things that seem to attack us and take us out in grave numbers. Black… Read More »

Three Things Black Folks Can Do to Improve Our Lives

So many young people and those who did not witness black folks being water housed and attacked by bigots and their dogs, mistakenly assume that racism and its many incarnations and offshoots are a thing of the past. I often fantasize that King, Malcolm, Hamer,Rustin and the like are looking at all of the shenanigans… Read More »