How to Use Assaults on Black Male Bodies As a Vehicle for Social Change

Social movements don’t work when people feel left out, forgotten about, let down or simply overlooked. Many times movements like the civil rights one and others that immediately followed it, provided benefits for the group at large but left the individual distrustful and disappointed. Leading a group of individuals interested in restructuring a social machine… Read More »

Why Black Men Live with the 9/11 Threat Daily

Thirteen years ago, I received a phone call and saw an image that changed the way I saw my country. Thirteen years ago, I was heading to my old job that was located five blocks away from the Twin Towers. While I understand the disbelief and the shear surrealism this event caused all Americans, I… Read More »

How to Change Male Culture by Changing our Representation of Men

Whether its film, television or any form of mass media we all get the same messages about men:Men are emotionally lacking and one dimensional. This thinking prevents any one committed to male growth and love the opportunity to support or further develop healthy relationships with anyone of the male gender. We have been conditioned to… Read More »

How Black Men Can Be Seen Without Being Punished

I often find myself telling friends and anyone who can hear that while I am often derided and or ridiculed for being weird, outspoken and too truthful, people often rely on my insight to assist them with inviting and managing change. The one fear that consistently rears its head is that I will be rendered… Read More »

Warning: We are All Trained to Accept Violence

Several years ago, I read an essay about the ways that we respond to violence. It was pointed out that we typically will have one reaction if we are assaulted in the world by someone we don’t know or have never seen. We respond differently when it is someone we know intimately. Many times during… Read More »