Strong Stuff States: I Can’t Believe I Did That…So What ! Now What?!

By | October 6, 2023

I recently had an anniversary.

I didn’t have a celebration. I had depression and a serious case of the “poor me’s”.

I had to make a decision.

Set myself on fire or create something from all the pain and angst I woke up with. I decided to create a brilliant, screwball comedy and sweep the festival circuit within a year with my brilliance and commitment to turning straw into gold.

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So I would like to challenge all of you to have a good hard look at your lives and make a choice to not be a victim.

Make a choice to take an event, something recent, and turn that poop into gold.

Here is a partial list of a few of my doozies which have proven artistically rich and in some cases hilarious.

A slew of wacky boyfriends, one of whom believed we lived together as pirates on a ship, I worked for him of course.

Another boyfriend who wanted to move to Chile and be a freedom fighter ( I got a brilliant sketch comedy and sitcom/play out of this joker)

One cross addicted boyfriend/One boyfriend with the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone/One who could only be happy if I was miserable ( I was able to write extensively about longing and unfulfilled passion as a result)

Grab that pad and pen give yourself ten minutes. This is not time to wallow . It is time to have a look and a laugh, hopefully.

Remember: Comedy is tragedy over time.

If you’re done and feel bad this is not the point. Call a trusted friend (someone who told you what you needed to hear in this most desperate of times).

I have had friends who have gotten me through some rough patches either by incorporating some side splitting humor while I was in it or immediately after the drama.

As my girl Ms. Brenda used to tell, “you better handle it or it will handle you”

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