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I am available for blog postings, short essays, critiques and reviews. If you would like to discuss fees and upcoming projects, I can be reached by using the contact page.

Thank you.

Anthony Carter

4 thoughts on “Hire me / contact

  1. Will

    Hi Anthony. I’d like to buy your book on Lulu. I have a Nook & I’m about to get an iPad so I’m pretty sure the pdf would work, but I’m having trouble with that. The kindle file won’t do me any good because I don’t have that device. Please help. And thanks for your words. They are sorely needed in this and many more communities.


  2. John Mulholland

    Thanks for permitting me to download Unfettered Mind. Though I had read and admired several of these pieces here on your site, many were new to me. What is so striking about your vision, no matter the subject, is your sense of humanity. Never are you judgmental without seeing, exploring and probing the other side of an argument. Alas, such a rare gift!

    As a non-black man, I gain so much from reading your work, Anthony. Though you write from a black man’s prism-of-vision, your outlook and perspective is always from a humanist vantage point.

    It is so rewarding that you do not feel the need to dumb down your points for a non-black audience (though I’ve no doubt the temptation might often be to do so!).


    John Mulholland

    1. Anthony Post author


      thanks so much for your kind comments. It is great knowing someone is reading my work and thinking about the possibilities that change can bring.

  3. Michael Taylor

    Anthony, just wanted to drop in and thank you for your comments about my GMP article. You are definitely a member of the Black Men Rock family! Keep up the great work you’re doing.

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