Strong Stuff Asks: Why Did I Say This But Do That?

By | July 10, 2023

Having spent a fair amount of time talking with and for several years living with a person who earned a six-figure income, there are a few “secrets” that I have been privy to.

For one thing, although it is a mind set, there is much that is gleaned from consistently being in the position to have something happen. There must be a decision regarding where you will spend your time.

Many times we say such and such is important and yet anyone can witness that what we were doing (how we utilize our time)and saying we wanted to be doing are two very different things.

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I declared I was through with the mindset of the broke, starving artist and yet continued to invest my time and energy in things that were fun and challenging but offered no pay.

This requires a tremendous amount of energy.

It does an unrelentingly awesome job of making us not trust ourselves. It forces us not to believe in our ability to institute change or take responsibility for the lives we say we yearn for.

Grab that notebook and writing utensil.

I sure hope you are reading this with those essentials at the ready.

Complete the following Truth Prompts




If we are honest with ourselves, we will notice that a great deal of time is spent saying one thing and doing another.

We will sometimes have to take low paying jobs.

How do we not stay stuck in positions that limit what we can do all around?

We must learn to give ourselves raises and promotions.

Keep our overhead low and our peace of mind and mental acuity extremely high.

In other words, save your money and keep the bs to a minimum.

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