Monthly Archives: May 2011

My Best Trait

Recently, my guy told me some shocking news. I was informed that I am stubborn. This came as a complete shock because normally I like to think that I am the embodiment of perfection. I love to believe that I am all things good and decent and thoughtful and kind and delightful on the planet.

Get to Know them… Two great Men

Get to know them…. Often times after writing something, I feel that I didn’t say enough. That perhaps I could have said it better or that maybe some fear was doing the typing and perhaps I was less than clear or honest regarding my opinions or feelings about a situation.

Smart Slut 3… The decision to be victorious

My new favorite past time is falling in love with men’s potential. Instead of taking an honest look at what a person presents as their true self, I like the big game of pretend. Basically, I wasn’t very bright and instead of examining my choices regarding my health and well being , I decided to… Read More »