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She Real Cool : My Long Overdue Love Letter to bell hooks

Twenty five years ago this Fall, I had a spiritual breakthrough/mental breakdown. Twenty five years ago, I left another disastrous and doomed from the start relationship. My second one in less than a year. What made this one different is that two wonderful women entered and changed my life (Vievee Francis who had been a… Read More »

Our Fears Make Stories Real

A guest post by C. Hope Clark I’ve recently become familiar with Anthony Carter, his voice, his refreshing outlook. So when he asked me to guest post for him, I found myself in a quandary. Here I am trying to blog about my latest mystery release, on a blog that digs deep into how to… Read More »

Why We Should Choose “Grown Up Love”

Most of us are raised by people who know nothing about love. Many of us confuse love with care(http://goodmenproject.com/guy-talk/why-we-confuse-love-with-care/) and then wonder why we are so confused, angry and carry a world of hurt inside our hearts. It is not p.c. to say you don’t love your children or for them to say they didn’t… Read More »