Monthly Archives: August 2011

Why We Confuse Love with Care

Every time someone that I deeply care for says, “I love you”, I get frightened. It makes little sense to get shook up regarding this most basic of human needs and the thing myself and we all want the most. And yet, when it is stated it becomes a thing of suspicion. My personal experience… Read More »

How Money affects Gay Male Couples Pt. 2

Moving beyond simply “dealing” and into more proactive ways of being have far reaching effects. By increasing our awareness, we allow necessary room for reflection and insight from our significant other. Ideally, and let’s assume that this is the case, our life partner is willing to share his awareness of not only his ways of… Read More »

How Money affects Gay Male Couples.. WARNING! This posts tells gay men’s dirty secrets

Men loving men has its own challenges and no place is this more evident than the realm of financial responsibility. Like many of our straight male counterparts, we often enter relationships with many severely limited and unproductive views regarding earning and managing money. More often than not , we equate a man’s earnings and or… Read More »