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3 Secrets of better Monagamous Sex…The Final Chapter

Although the previously mentioned tips will dramatically improve your relationship and improve daily interactions with your sweetie,”putting his needs on par with your own ” is by far the best thing you could ever do. There is no way that two people can build a relationship of any depth and always agree on everything.

3 Secrets of better Monogamous Sex Part 2

Along with ritual comes a very different approach to interacting that will fundamentally change the way your relationship unfolds. The concept of appreciation is not new. In the Buddhism that I practice, most of the prayers mention appreciation in one form or another. This powerful but seemingly small technique allows us to keep the focus… Read More »

Review of Ender’s Game

” Fairness is a wonderful attribute. It has nothing to do with war. ” Ender’s Game ” Who plays games with no rules… a fool ” Envogue It has been exactly ten years since 9/11. It was an event that touched every life of every American. It shook us to the core realizing that we… Read More »