Monthly Archives: April 2015

My Obsession with Stevie Wonder Will Never Go Away

When I spent way too much time dating assholes in the 90’s, I came across a great quote that changed who and why I dated. bell hooks spoke of making love while listening to the genius that is Stevie Wonder. I took this observation to heart like all things hooks and Wonder. As a kid,… Read More »

Why We Need Lauryn Hill More Than Ever

Ten years ago, I received a call with an offer to work with Lauryn Hill. As a result of my obsession with this talented young woman, I couldn’t agree to the gig fast enough. In my excitement, I called my sister (a fellow groupie), my cousin and anyone else I could dial up. While I… Read More »

Why We Fear Transpersons and What to Do About It

Miss Brown was an addict, a sex worker, a transgender MTF and my friend. When we became cooking buddies, I began to learn a great deal about transitioning and its challenges. She taught me a great deal about about men, power, money and negotiating of sexual liasons. While I struggled to be progressive, I often… Read More »

How to Use Films to Teach Self Love and Misogyny

Fairy tales and movies can teach us to love ourselves or misogyny. Filmmakers and creatives often rely on stereotypes to keep us entertained and non thinking. As a boy, I loved stories of all kinds and lacked the cultural insight of a dear friend who told me that when reading Hansel and Gretel, she always… Read More »