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Smart Slut 2… Love will not keep you HIV free

Most of the HIV positive people I know became infected in the course of a relationship.

After talking with a good friend from overseas, I was informed of this incredible theory. My brilliant ally and I discussed at length the risks people are willing to take and for what reason.


Soulmates and other lies

I have a wonderful friend who is constantly getting dumped because the women he goes out with don’t feel that special spark.

He is straight.

I have another friend who dumps people after dating less than two weeks because he doesn’t feel that “spark”.

He is gay.


Smart Slut…The beginning

For many years, I wrongly assumed that a loving, honest relationship would keep me HIV negative.

I foolishly bought into the thinking that simply decreasing the number of sex partners and being in a committed monogamous relationship would be enough to keep the big bad away from the door. This line of thinking came about as a result of scared people who encouraged us all to be scared instead of engaging in open and honest with tricks and lovers..


Fucking Dobey Gillis

Six pack abs, huge cocks , all night sex parties and drug induced orgies are now officially over.


Black Father Love: A New Type of Celebrity

In a world that gives so much credence and attention to Brangelina, Sandra Bullock, and every celebrity that takes in a baby of color, where is all the glory and paparazzi for black dads who are raising their children? 


How to Create a Drama-Free Zone

I woke up this morning now I understand what it means to give your life to just one man. Afraid of feeling nothing. No bees and butterflies. My head is full of voices and my house is full of lies. --Sheryl Crow

In Sheryl Crow's wonderful song "Home," she dissects the meaning of the word and how we often think something means one thing at a certain age only to mature and find that the meaning is different or even worse, completely pointless and wrong. 


Does Hyper Sexuality Start at Five?

When baby animals don't get touched they die.

If this is the case for lesser developed creatures, why do we think humans can survive without touch?


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