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Warning … Love is here to stay

Always and forever.

I’ll Always Love you.

We’ve heard them all. If you’ve been to any wedding ceremony or listened to the radio at any time, we’ve all heard of the promise to love for life. That nothing will change and all love is eternal. Is this true?

Is it good to count on it or hope for what seems damn near impossible? Does this desire for love's eternity stifle our growth ? I would love to know that some things won't change. I would love to know that the person I love would be exactly what they agreed to be from the start.

All arguments and disagreements stem from an arrangement that someone did not keep .


Kiss your Fear of Change Goodbye

In this wacky economy, there is a need for self reinvention.

In the wild, living organisms adapt and change or die. So many of us refuse to listen to reason and refuse to alter what it is we’re doing simply because we can’t accept the fact that the pickle we have found ourselves in is one of our own creation.

What part did any of us play in this current financial crisis?


Don’t read this unless you have the Courage to be Happy

In a country where eight year old children are medicated and the topic of most adult conversations centers around what’s wrong and the type of medication that is being taken as a result, I want to address the theory that to be happy requires an inordinate amount of courage.

Often times people will say or think, when this thing or that occurs then I can rest easy.


Christmas has come early for some lucky boys and girls

The holidays are upon us once again.

It is time for overeating, overspending, buying things we don’t want or need for people we don’t like. Why not spend this time doing something creative and productive for the younger members of our community.

Why not give them the gift that can’t be charged, won’t make us cringe when the new year rolls around and will actually give us those warm fuzzies that Madison Avenue always promises and never delivers.

Give our young people the gift of our time.


My plan to Save Young Lives

Cry Wolf is an organization dedicated to saving lives and empowering youth.

As I’ve watched so many young people give in to the pressure of society and end their lives, I am vividly reminded of my own suicidal tendencies as a young fantabulous kid growing up in working class Detroit.

I was alone period.


How Afterbirthers will end my Unemployment

Although I have been unemployed for two years, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong.

Whenever I have been called in to interview, I have consistently and absentmindedly neglected to bring along my fetal membranes and god only knows where I left my mucous cap and crowning photos.


Can Gay Men be Friends Part 2

I have had bad experiences trying to make fuck buddies into legitimate friends.

Having witnessed several friends attempt and fail repeatedly at this endeavor, I am assuming either it doesn’t work or either my friends and I are a bunch of dopes.

Gay men learn early on how to sexualize absolutely everything.


Can Gay Men be Friends ?

Growing up and coming out, I constantly heard very interesting messages regarding friendships between men and women.

The message was loud and clear and annoying: they don’t work. I thought this was interesting and often wondered why people would make such assumptions. Then of course, I grew up and started dating men and to some degree began to believe and conduct myself based on this odd and accepted view of men and their “nature”.

Like our straight counterparts, gay men are seen as always horny , on the prowl and commitment adverse.

While this may or may or may not be the truth when it is used as both a point of reference and a place to build a relationship from, it can have inane and very limiting results.

Yes, gay men can be highly sexual creatures.


Why reality can’t be trusted

In our world, there is much concern with reality.

Reality, in so many situations is concerned with being negative. We can often times accept negativity, the belief that something awful will happen. For many of us, the awful, the dreadful, seems highly more likely.

What if we have it completely wrong?


An Affair to Treasure

Potato salad flowed. Greens were served and fried chicken got piled high.

I recently spent the most glorious evening with a wonderful group of gay men. If you have never spent a good chunk of your evening in the company of adult men you have not lived.

I had forgotten the joy that comes from men being together who truly respect and love one another.

The sounds of our voices.


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