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Why Limiting Imagination is Racism’s Most Effective Tool

One of the most effective ways to ensure that racism stays intact and continues to thrive and reinvent itself is through crushing dreams and severely limiting individuals ability to imagine.


Is racism taught through love ?

Wetbacks was the name used by my favorite uncle to describe Mexicans regardless of their immigration status.


Why Immigration Matters to the LGBTQ Community Part 1

When you spend a great deal of time on the net, it is fascinating and somewhat sobering to realize that there is another individual at another computer reading your diatribes and spouting their own brand of brilliance. Recently, I spoke with someone about how immigration reform continues to affect them. I was unaware of the intersection of fear and anxiety among "undocumented " persons and how similar it is to being in the closet. I had the opportunity to interview and make a very short video of one brave person's story.


How the Chester Upland School District can encourage quality instruction

At one time, providing a sound, quality education was possible despite the color of a child's skin or the size of his parent's wallet.


How student reps will bring the Occupy Movement into the classroom

Along with the occupy wall street's movement to redistribute wealth and encourage some serious accountability, the RESISTANCE (a group of youth demanding educational reform )is now a new player in the game demanding more from educators and those who care about how children are educated.


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