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The trouble with Gay Pride Part 2 (Historical Pride)

The brave women and men who lost their lives and homes because of who they were and who they refused to be would be less than thrilled regarding our current version of "Pride".

Beaten,jailed and living in constant fear of death and the destruction of your life tends to make you jumpy.

A major way to honor those powerful and defiant GLTBQ Elders who created their lives prior to any organized movement is to honor their lives and sacrifices. Sharing, questioning and examining someone's life story is a way to simultaneously honor them and teach respect and dignity to a younger generation of folks.

Why not take a day and interview folks about our cultural heroes.

How many folks young and old can recognize Bayard Rustin from a photograph and tell you what he did ?

How many young folk know the significance of James Baldwin and the balls it took to speak out about human/black/gay rights in the fifties and be hunted and harassed by the government for doing this ?

These lessons and insight are not being lauded and introduced and studied in any school curriculum that I know of and yet we are shocked and taken aback by the epidemic that is gay youth suicide.

Why is there not a time of teaching and quiet reflection that every revolution requires.

Falling in love with yourself and refusing to be silent and go away and be anything less than sublime is all about being a revolutionary.

Why not dedicate some time to studying and discussing the work of :James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, Essex Hemphill, Barbara Jordan and any and all people who have lent their support and voice to the true fight and movement that is equality ?

This group of wonderful persons would not be begging anybody for their rights they would be unapologetically taking them and not feeling bad about it.

Where are these type of leaders ?

Why are we not including a huge chunk of history among the pageantry, cocktails, loud music and dancing ?

Could we hold teach-ins at local bars before the festivities and loud music takes over ?

How about offering a pre and post Pride celebration set of study guides and videos ?

What are your suggestions for adding some real Pride (history) to our celebrations ?

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Why weed reform is a waste of time

When I was twenty-three and dating what I had been told was this wonderful guy, it never occurred to anyone that this wonderful "catch" was seriously addicted to alcohol and drugs.

In my younger days, we called these folks junkies.

In dating this joker, no one ever mentioned this individual's drug of choice and his inability to function without it.

My experience with weed is that it makes you dumb.

I have had terrible experiences with drugs and drinking and often wonder what makes them so appealing. I've also wondered whether people have had similar awful experiences and if so why do they continue to "light up".

Often times, I have heard individuals who promote healthy living say it is natural and ok and some other nonsense regarding it coming from the earth and so on. This same group of folk are often the ones who self righteously defend their right to smoke and also have serious trouble being productive or moving their lives forward.

I can remember reading an article when I was a young teen that said that drugs killed brain cells and since I was on the quest to become brilliant I wanted no parts of these shenanigans.

This and the fact that my father told me and my sisters that he would kill any of us if we ever became drug addicts.

I have yet to see anyone take anything and become a better person.

When my stud from years ago would get high, there would always be a heart felt apology followed by an unrelenting outpouring of emotions usually culminating in a climactic, "this (you and I) is the real deal and I'm very serious about us".

Part of me doesn't get the reason we need any of it. Another part feels why stop there have the balls to go for the cocaine or something really hard.

Then again, I have always been one for truly going for it and not half stepping with any of my shit.

So if I was gonna do drugs it would be the real thing.

Also, with all of this "reform" who gets the money that will be made ?

According to stats and news sources: possession by people of color gets one type of incarceration while selling and or possession by whites gets a very different set of consequences. When we are demanding change, we often have to look at overall effects and who has the most to lose and or gain in any situation.

No one can explain to me where the money would go or who will profit (financially, emotionally and socially) from full legalization of weed.

Who has been getting the money that's been made and what do we have in place regarding addiction should this occur.

All the folks I know who want to smoke are already doing it so how will getting the government involved or not change anything ? Whose action is being muscled in on which requires that we now devote our tax paying dollars to something that is already up and running ?

Everyone I know who is addicted to crack or any of the "bad" drugs got started with the recreational stuff first.

There is no way to allow the use of mind altering drug use without some serious looks at addiction and its beginnings.

Nobody who is addicted planned on it getting out of hand.

People can't be offered something that changes their views of reality without a firm grasp of reality.

Let's not confuse looking at reality in the face with the responsibility avoiding :"addictive personality". Any one can become addicted to anything at any point. Addiction doesn't hop around looking for a host and a person to weak to resist its charm.

So if the money aspect is not being discussed nor the reasons people choose to indulge or not what are the real reasons this is now being discussed ?

Would love to hear comments.

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What porn can teach us

Porn is so satisfying for so many of us because we know from the moment we hit send, download that clip or pop in that dvd, what will happen.


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