Monthly Archives: June 2015

Three Things That Gay Men Should Give Up

Whether it is big or small screen,gay men are everywhere. We are often served images that reinscribe stereotypes: the raving queen, the hard core -rough trade -nobody knows I’m gay, the “I will fuck anything” and have no moral center gay, and finally, the culture expert/innovator who entertains. It is time we reclaimed our brilliance,creativity,power… Read More »

Why We Should Choose “Grown Up Love”

Most of us are raised by people who know nothing about love. Many of us confuse love with care( and then wonder why we are so confused, angry and carry a world of hurt inside our hearts. It is not p.c. to say you don’t love your children or for them to say they didn’t… Read More »

Seven Tips to Make Your Parenting Suck Less

When I began teaching, I wanted six children of my own. Once I entered the classroom and noticed the pure insanity of the “system”, the way children were treated and expected to learn and one awful teacher to many, I rethought my decision. I assumed that it was the educator’s job to educate no matter… Read More »