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How Bosses Gamble with Your Financial Future: 6 Ways to Protect Yourself

Being fired sucks! And I’ve been in this boat on more than a few occasions. If you’ve ever worked for anyone you’ve agreed to the life-altering possibility that is being an at-will employee. As my wise mother always says: as long as you’re not the employer, you’re always an at-will employee. When someone controls your… Read More »

What becomes of the broken hearted

The one who cares the most wins. When I was eight years old, a Love Boat episode made me cry. While none of my family will address the reasons that I was moved to tears (a young kid was arguing with his parents because of a pending divorce and my parents were divorcing around the… Read More »

Mythic Power and recovering from lies Part 3

Many of us also lie about our greatness and flat out refuse to accept our gifts and the ways we can uniquely contribute to the world. When growing up we are often encouraged to step away from greatness to not risk failure or community shaming by being too much. By drawing attention to ourselves by… Read More »