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The ultimate guide to aging in the gay male community

According to all of the images forced down my throat and into my psyche, I am not among the "hotness" that is gay male culture.


How Cialis can solve the HIV crisis

CIALIS doesn't protect a man or his partner from sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, and does not serve as a male form of birth control.

Shame on Cialis and its creator.

Mr. Cialis you are definitely missing out on a true goldmine.

With all of the massive increases in HIV infections and the hyper sexuality of gay men and men who sleep with men, you could be making a killing. Gay men, who have been socialized to meet every possible need in a sexual manner, are prime for anything that ensures constant and incredible screwing is always on the menu.

If you start to seriously advertise in places that cater to men who have an unrelenting and insatiable need for sex, you would be able to retire within six months. By focusing on what we do not who we are and what we think, there is an unlimited amount of money to be made.

Start in sex clubs and cruising spots.

These boys enjoy a good romp and look for anything that can literally keep the party going. In fact, I have some serious insight as to how you can both quadruple your financial bottom line and look most saintly in the eyes of HIV/AIDS activists the world over.

Thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, we now have the means to make sure that eighty-year-olds can have a roll in the hay whenever they see fit.

Does it matter that we could solve cancer or HIV ? Clearly a better use of our time is spent making sure we can have sex not worrying about whether or not it could cost us our lives.

Cialis, you could lead the fight in trumping HIV and making it something that is a small footnote in the history of humanity.

It is really quite simple. Offer unlimited amounts of your wonder drug to young men while simultaneously offering free testing for the HIV virus and then create a cure for the virus.

Don't tell me that you have created not one but two types of pills to assist men in dealing with ED and you don't have the manpower or resource to develop a cure for HIV.

Start small.

Develop a pill that you can take either daily or within 36 hours of sexual activity that would kill the virus on contact. Then when you (Mr. Cialis) get beyond filthy rich , make an announcement that says you will now cure anyone who has been infected within the last thirty years.

Don't you see, you will get paid no matter what decisions get made. This is the only way to go. Who better to peddle a drug to (that allows you to "keep that pecker up" ) than a bunch of sex-crazed individuals.

It sounds like a perfect match in my opinion.

We get to have unlimited sexual encounters without any serious consequences like death, isolation, poverty and they ( the brillinat progressive individuals that created Cialis) get to make money off a group of confused and oppressed individuals.

Get in on this Cialis. Maybe your homophobic. Don't let this stop you.

It never stops any one else.


The Power of Social Media 2

With technology on our side and the willingness to win the fight for social justice, there is nothing that can't be accomplished. In the continuation of my great opportunity from last Summer, I also got to spend more time with a great subject. Pam Miles, Alabama's greatest daughter, spoke to me about politics and the power of change. Have a listen and get inspired.

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How Alabama can be forgiven for George Wallace

As the unwitting poster child for both racism and social change with the possibilty of what human beings are capable of, Alabama has an interesting history regarding race issues and social change.


Warning!Chris Hedges wants to restructure Goldman Sachs

If you are poor or working class or just have a mind that works some of the time, you can be arrested, manhandled and treated like crap.


The Power of Social Media

Flashback to June 2011...

I am at the wonderful Netroots Nation convention all because I got fed up with our young people feeling isolated and afraid.


Occupy Wall Street’s commitment to failure

"Movements don't come nicely prepackaged." Digby


How Wall Street can stay greedy and well loved

As a young boy, I yearned for my father's love and respect. I learned early what this would require.

Being the brilliant and socially aware man that my father was, he not only foresaw the opportunity of making a great deal of money working on Wall Street, he started grooming me to take my stint as a banker, trader or mergers and acqusitions laywer.

At 14, I was encouraged to read and ingest Forbes, Fortune and of course the bible of ultimate greed, the Wall Street Journal.


HIV receives its first hate mail in thirty years

Dear HIV,

I am sending you this brief note because once again you have pissed me off.


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