The Power of Social Media

By | November 9, 2011

Flashback to June 2011…

I am at the wonderful Netroots Nation convention all because I got fed up with our young people feeling isolated and afraid. I was pissed off and since I’m a writer I wrote about it.

I wrote about it again and again and again.

This healthy obsession brought me and my thinking to the folks at Bilerico and then to Mike Rogers the man who is at the helm of Raw Story and making sure bloggers of color are willing and able to take center stage in the arena of social media.

While I am in no way a social media wizard, I am well spoken and possess a keen interest in social change and paradigm shifting. I am able to accomplish both goals and add to my base of social interaction via the net.Tune in when I add insight from a bevy of new allies who are also dedicated to change.

Check out this video:

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