Burn the Manual Presents: Thriving in a Trump World- Stop Bitching Start a Revolution

By | October 7, 2018

We, at Burn the Manual, commit to taking action and out thinking systems that keep us broke, stupid, needy and victimized.

Within our new governmental change, we are now either extremely fucked or on the verge of greatness.

The Donald pimped and punked us all. Now what are we gonna do about it?

My thinking is always based in possibilities and as a result I choose to think that it is time for a revolution.

Revolutions never have an appropriate starting time or a majority of citizens saying:yes, we’d like to have change.

Instead,it gradually builds steam and some bozo crosses the line and a small but mighty collective chorus of “hell no” rings in the air.

Bring on the revolution.

Bring on scary discussions with people you ordinarily avoid.

Bring on underground movements with multiple leaders which will ensure insurgent thought and action when the “main most” leader is taken out, found to be a fraud or is “dismissed” because of some trumped up charges (tax evasion,national security).

Revolutions start (as Jill Scott recently stated in an interview) quietly.

And like most things that usher in courageous change, it grows and becomes unmanageable and more productive and powerful than anything that could have been dreamt up or designed with our limited imaginations.

So how do we prepare for the inevitable change and upheaval?

We strap in and begin working on things that matter all the while knowing that we have to be ready to adjust, modify at a moment’s notice and make some shit up on the fly.

We must understand that change and revolution(change’s predecessor) are two things- messy and gradual. Many times change/revolution occurs at inconvenient times forcing us to adjust expectations and personal plans.

The best way to deal with this is to know that change is coming.

We must embrace it when it comes and not begrudge it when it moves on its own schedule.

My personal revolution for today?

Address bullshit as I see it and brace myself for the inevitable pushback.

Also, ask friends and those that love and respect me to indulge in creating change.

Another revolution- keeping my health together despite the tendency to allow stress and bozos to determine my diet and self care regimen.

I am ready to do battle with the thing that also prevents me from revolution- my thoughts and past life experiences. It is time we all got strapped for the impending celebrations that will occur once the revolution starts and social change immediately follows it.

Are you joining us to dance post revolution?

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