Burn the Manual Presents: What the World Needs Now is More Sanity

By | November 22, 2018

Early this morning my husband and I decided that the world has lost its collective marbles.

Currently, the world we live in is one where there are no boundaries and constant interruptions are as common as drinking my third cup of coffee by ten a.m.

How do you create a sanctuary that is nurturing and self sustaining?

I have only been able to come up with great solutions when I’ve devoted a certain amount of uninterrupted time to allow my mind to free associate and then design solutions that are seemingly disconnected.

Once while I was living on a friends floor, I came up with a number of life changing ideas. Since I was broke, homeless and unemployed there was nothing to do but think and implement all kinds of theories.

One of which was paying for services and goods with no money.

Another involved producing creative ideas with no access.

Step one in this theory making process is understanding that there needs to be some different type of thinking.

Designing a new reality is always a challenge. New realities help us deal with and survive all sorts of craziness.

I learned to reorder the reality that was my life.

Reality shifting and ordering is the way we make more sanity in the world. Whether in my home or in the world at large, it is imperative that reality be changed and made healthier.

Many years ago, I lived a boundary free life.

My life consisted of people acting all manner of fool.

My life was rife with assholes that I allowed to act like total morons (believing that with some kindness and overlooking of less than desireable traits) they would change for the better and act better.

It is impossible to get any kind of “act right” from folks that don’t have it to give.

I stopped asking permission and began serving notice.

Wanna be stupid? Wanna be less than thoughtful or caring? -move along buddy I ain’t got nothing for you.

Did someone show me how to do this?

Did anyone ask: are you tired of being mistreated?

Did anyone suggest that I do it differently?

I had to figure out how to survive in a world of crazy. I had to make my way in a strange universe.

It is time for our country as a whole to return to common decency and respecting personal boundaries.

As a country, we all could use a helluva lot more “act right”.

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