Day Nineteen – Kicking the Sugar Pimp in the Groceries for Thirty Days

By | June 19, 2021

As I approach the end of this month-long experiment two things are clear.

One- I can do this!

And Two- I’m a filmmaker ya’ll.

I am completing a new documentary on health and black men and was wise enough to document my journey and all that I’ve learned in the process.

I’m unsure if this would have happened if I’d still been a slave to the white stuff.

It is apparent that I have more drive, focus and self-control than I ever imagined.

What this tells me and hopefully inspires you to do is take on something “impossible” in your own life.

And here’s the big secret and the best part…

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My desire to get super healthy and make documentary films were dreams that surfaced twenty years ago and these days I ‘m doing both.

Dust of those dreams and visions of creating something bigger and bolder for yourself and those you love.

Change jobs. Reinvent another career and identity for yourself. Plan that trip – then go! Create something-just because.

Even in a pandemic, we can demand more of ourselves.

As Jeremy Haynes states: If you don’t come out of the pandemic with: a new skill, a new income or a new expertise you never lacked time; you lacked discipline.

Taking on my sugar addiction and moving into a plant based lifestyle is my new discipline.

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What is your new skill, income or expertise?

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