Day Thirteen – Kicking the Sugar Pimp in the Groceries for Thirty Days

By | June 13, 2021

At this point, I usually quit!

I’m approaching the half way point and…

Someone shoved me off the wagon yesterday.

My neighbor made the hubby a cake and I wasn’t willing to be rude. Perhaps I should have stuck to my guns and had a cup of coffee instead.

I could have waddled in guilt and tormented myself about this decision.

I opted to say this is one day and not the addtional 29.

Result? I finsihed reading a new lovely book (Love and Rage) and dealt with my emotions.

Vegan Burger GIF by Beyond Carnism - Find & Share on GIPHY

Making the decision to get healthy as a black 53 year old male feels lonely.

Reading Love and Rage let me know that I can stand alone until others join me.

Now might be a good time to mention my new documentary, Ask The Old Guy.

Sugar free days, meatless and dairy free for nine months is also a huge part of the film and my commitment to living to 102.

Beating the sugar blues is a huge part of my health journey.

To continue winning the sugar battle, I will remain obsessed with reading labels and adding Intermittent Fasting to the mix.

What are you eating that contains unknown sugar?

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