Fifty Ain’t Dead

By | August 9, 2018

As I mentioned earlier, this year I turned fifty.

It seems that people think it is over. What would I do if I listened to people who say go away, die.

While no one will say it directly, the culture will tell you that you are washed up and that you should simply let go and move on.

I am interested in moving but not moving on.

It is not near ’bout through.

I have much left inside of me that I want to share with the world.

Every time I hear a mofo talk about retiring and getting a social security check, I cringe.

What getting older does allow for is an updated and far more effective way of thinking.

I’m amazed that people allow their life experiences to run them.

Yes, shit happens that is fucked up, disastrous and not much fun.

This doesn’t mean stop dreaming and most definitely doesn’t mean stop doing and producing.

Folks don’t feel great if they are not giving something to the world.

At fifty and beyond, you’ve seen enough foolishness to last a lifetime.

Hopefully, you’ve learned from it and have no desire to repeat any of it.

Many times the lessons we garnered at 20,25 and even 30 will yield incredible results if we look at them without shame, mockery or justification.

We can take them on with the knowledge that yes something happened and we are more than our identities, pain or previous life experience.

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