Four Steps Middle Class Educators Can Take to Enhance the Learning of Poor Youth

By | April 5, 2018

After years of working with young people, children and adults who were or continue to be raised poor there are four essential questions that have always kept me in good stead and prevented me from being perceived as or feeling like the world’s biggest a##^&$%.

When creating something remarkable, it would be wise to keep these four questions in the forefront of your “good intentions” (wanting to give back mindset).

What is your Biggest Dream? I always start with this one because the whole five year plan thing always seems dumb, pointless and once again class insensitive.

Everyone no matter how poor or seemingly defeated has a dream something they want to be, achieve or become before they spend eternity in that pine box.

Ask the person right in front of you: what is your dream?

All parties may be shocked- the asker because you might hear something that might surprise you and make you reconsider several of your assumptions and the person being asked will generally be in a total state of shock.

The second vital question is multifaceted -How Can I help you achieve this goal?

What’s your biggest obstacle?

What’s the most pressing need right now-today?

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