How to Run YOUR Life like Beyonce

By | March 13, 2023

Can you imagine working for one hour and getting a $24 million dollar pay check?

What about reading an alert that says twenty four million dollars was just deposited into your account?

I don’t know about ya’ll but I would be doing all kinds of back flips and oh shits…

Since that probably is not in your near future, there is still a way to handle your life dreams and day job like a beast.

No one who has set a blueprint for success like Beyonce Gizelle Knowles Carter.

Love her or Hate her.

What you can’t deny is her ability to Run her life and achieve incredible results.

We often hear: success leaves clues.

Well kids, get out those notepads and pens(I just turned 55 get over it) and get ready for a quick tutorial ala Mother Carter (not me, her) on how to transform your life and maybe the planet.

After some research, I noticed six traits which can be adapted and used no matter where you are on your life’s journey.

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You Are Going To Lose – And That’s Okay
Did you know she lost on Star Search when she was a little girl (she was sent home prizeless)? Friends, this will happen to everyone at some point in their lives. You won’t get the promotion or you’ll get it and hate it or spend time floundering while you develop a new set of sea legs. You will get fired or will take the risk to leave your current situation with no back up plan and only the knowledge that the unknown is scary because it is unknown. You must decide that moving away from the familiar will somehow work out.

This, my friends, leads us into the next leg of the Run it Like B recipe.

Always Take The Risk
Get out and make something happen. Many times we are so comfortable in our current situation that the mere thought of change gives us all kinds of anxiety and self doubt. This is normal and should be expected. If we know this is coming wouldn’t it be wise to prepare by asking trusted friends for support? Let me be clear: Make sure you ask your gutsiest friends (cheerleaders who inspire you) for support and a listening ear. We’ve all got negative nellies in our camp who can offer a litany of reasons why you shouldn’t risk a damn thing. Take the nellies out (if you still want to have them in your life) for coffee and pedicures and leave them out of the conversation when guts and transformation are on the menu.

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Speaking of folks who love to stay stuck, get clear that not everybody is willing to jump on the fun bus heading towards transformation.

Many will want to set up house in shitsville.

You will never, under any circumstances, get these folks to get off the dime and support the struggle.

This is when it gets really scary and presents the most challenging step in the recipe.

Don’t Try To Be A People Pleaser
We are all raised to believe that pleasing those who love and care for us will die an unholy, fiery death if our thinking or behavior deviates from the expected norm. Anyone who has accomplished anything of merit knows and practices the art of pleasing themselves first. Every artist knows that when a product is put out for public consumption they will be expected to comment on it. It’s hard to lovingly comment on something you don’t love. It is also hard to create with one eye on our first and most beloved critics- family members. Beyonce fired her dad. I left Detroit and moved to Japan then NYC with no back up plan or money. Everyone thought I was nuts. It would be easy for Ms. B to stay in her former group. This is the equivalent of staying in a job or relationship that you’ve outgrown. When it time to go, B hits the launch button and presses onward.

Aim High
No one is excited about a reasonable goal they know they can reach. B always shoots for the stars. Whether bringing a Black Panther influenced half time show to the Super Bowl or working her ass of for more than a year to prepare for being Coachella’s first black female headliner. Beyonce aims high. For the rest of us, here’s a quick question and observation. Why are ya’ll aiming so low? You will never get excited and create the energy required to take on the new and unfamiliar if you are stuck settling for what you think you can get.

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Respect The Success Of Others
She tapped the fabulous Grace Jones for a collaboration on her latest album (I’m old. Get over it.) She studied all the wonderful previous half time performers (Michael Jackson, Prince, Diana Ross, Madonna and Tina Turner) in an effort to borrow from the greats and put her style on her half time show. Speaking of mother Turner, she did a wonderful tribute to her on the Kennedy Center Honors and a fierce duet on the 2008 Grammy’s. Darlings being fabulous is not new and it is wise to follow in the footsteps of those who paved the way with their brilliance, creativity and guts.

Don’t Feel Pressured To Join The Trend
The current trend in pop culture is constantly oversharing. When she had marital drama, she made a record. She didn’t hit any and all media outlets to let the world no every dirty detail. As the bellwether of the Beyhive, she carefully cultivates her relationship with fans. Since many of her fans are black LGBTQ members, she spent her pandemic time creating a sound she knew they’d appreciate and happily snap up once it was made available for purchase.

What have you been putting off?

What have you not dared to dream of and work towards?

It’s time you ran your life life Beyonce…

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