JeVon McCormick for President: My Review of Modern Leader

By | July 5, 2022

Most jobs suck…

Admit it!

You long to be heard, seen and celebrated for who you are and how you deal with life.

According to JeVon McCormick in his wonderful new book on leadership, Modern Leader, we are no longer in a space where we talk about change, innovation and a bunch of other words that look good on a company website and mean nothing.

It is time for something beyond change. It is time for transformation.

Transformation starts with belief and some serious action taking. Like the word love, transformation is a verb. It requires that we live our values and accept a gut punch when we are not our best and most loving selves. Transformation is permanent and ongoing and doesn’t allow us to “change our minds” when things get uncomfortable.

Modern Leaders ask hard questions (What would you like to know and how can I assist in teaching you?) and lets us squirm while we grapple with a world of unknowns and uncertainties. Leaders and those they lead often misunderstand how to create environments where creativity, fresh thinking and productivity can occur.

When leaders are ready to lead (not dominate or bark orders), they would be wise to pick up this wonderful book and commit its brilliance to memory.

However, if you’re short on time, please choose at least one of the takeaways below.

It will change how you live and lead.

1. Leadership won’t cost millions of dollars. In fact, it won’t cost much more than intention, time, and willingness.
2. Modern Leaders open your eyes-to the people who have been left out and are waiting on the periphery.
3. Modern Leaders understand that small steps now reap big rewards for the future. Just because they can’t do everything right now doesn’t mean they should do nothing.
4. Modern Leadership is about realizing your responsibility simply to teach and show what’s possible.
5. What, as the leader, are you doing—or not doing—to create a culture of accountability?
6. The language you live by is the life you create.
7. Don’t “recruit and retain”- “offer and provide”. Offer people an incredible company to come work with.
8. Modern Leaders ask: What more can we be providing?
9. What can we take off people’s plates to make more room for learning, innovating, and creating?

And here’s the best part…

Anyone who decides to lead can use these nine points to guarantee a company cultural shift.

Finally, if there’s doubt a company can take action instead of flapping their gums have a look at this policy and a bonus question.

Scribe would provide a $1500 no-questions-asked emergency loan to any tribe member who needed it. The cash would be in their bank account the same day, and the repayment plan would be individually determined based on the tribe member’s needs. They didn’t even need to provide an explanation. The money was simply there if they ever needed it for any reason.

For more inforamtion, check out this link Modern Leader

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