Nine Things Black Folks Need to Stop Doing Part 3

By | March 11, 2018

We all need to put on our big boy shoes and handle our business when it comes to sex and money and our young people.

In fact, I know a whole lot of older folks who could use a good talking to in this regard as well.

Nobody is kept safe by being kept stupid.

All of my mistakes in life have fit neatly into one of these categories and in some truly divinely frightening moments they have included both entities simultaneously.

Young people need our guidance and love and most importantly our willingness to own up to and self correct our mistakes.

When my baby sister was contemplating grad school/law school, she sought out my opinion.

I told her: do what makes you happy and keeps you out of debt.

Debt sucks.

Debt is slavery.

Just like allowing the media to raise you kids never ends well, not discussing the soul sucking, life inhibiting monster that is debt is also a huge mistake.

As a kid, I never saw a bill get paid.

I never saw grown folks make financial decisions based on priorities and agreed upon goals.

I never saw a financial plan drawn up or a strategy to move forward financially in ways that would provide freedom and time for things that truly mattered.

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