Nine Things Black Folks Need to Stop Doing Part 6 ( Black Brilliance and Social Capital)

By | March 22, 2018

As a powerful culture that is innovative, resourceful and has survived one of the cruelest and most vicious genocidal attacks the planet has ever seen, we must rethink gender roles and redefine what is possible for all members of our culture.

We can no longer allow estrangement from our gay brothers and sisters.

We can no longer strip gay men of their gender and justify irresponsible behavior by straight men who produce multiple children with the disclaimer- at least he’s not gay.

We can and must do better black folks.

We can’t have our beautiful black male children reduce their focus to getting payed and smoking weed.

We must challenge all that we’ve been cajoled into believing in terms of the black male mind.

Like our young men, we must insist that our young women know that shaking their asses and disrespecting themselves and other women is not liberatory, progressive or acceptable.

We have to encourage our entire community to value hard work of the mind and a code of ethics steeped in transformational feminist policies and strategies.

When our young girls show promise in Science and Math this must be applauded and encouraged.

We must find or create Math clubs, young black female Science Clubs and places where intellectual growth and curiosity is rewarded in the same way Beyonce’s new single is heralded.

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