Seven Resources for Achieving the Dangerous Life You Were Born to Live

By | June 21, 2022

Admit it…

You are not living the life you dreamt of as a child.

When you were young, you sought joy, play, self expression and love.

Dreams and free thinking has been replaced with credit card payments, barely tolerable day jobs and a life so awful you spend hours fantasizing about the weekend or a vacation where you can numb out with booze, shopping and non-committed sex.

Any and everything that takes you away from your life and the concessions you’ve made that leave you empty, dreamless and despair riddled.

I’ve been there and know all about the Sunday night tummy grumbles.

But there’s hope.

If you want a dangerous life that entails going for your dreams, building a loving community and not giving up on you, check out the the seven videos below.

Please let me know if this pushed you towards more joy, love and community.

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