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How to Transform Your Life In Three Key Areas by Using Anger

When it is time to transform my life, I usually get very pissed off. Iyanla Vanzant’s states: The Truth Will Set You Free but First It’s Gonna Piss You Off. I have always loved this chestnut. Being pissed off is a powerful agent for change. Every time I’ve made a major life change, you can… Read More »

Buffy Summers Would be Proud of How We’re Dealing with The Hell Mouth

When I have felt bad about myself or some life changing decision that I screwed up (when you are 20-25 every decision carries a healthy dose of doom and gloom), it is rarely about what us presently going on. Instead, I am worked up because of a past decision. What I am suggesting is an… Read More »

Visionaries and Truthtellers Presents Elisa Irish (video)

Elisa Irish is a wonderful colleague who constantly grows and supports youth. We recently organized job fairs for seventy -five incarcerated youth. Our mutual love of community building ensures that youth and employers consistently interact and develop powerful relationships. Listen in as we discuss job hunting in the 21st century and what skills to develop… Read More »

Why People of Color Miss Out on Opportunities

During the course of a recent work conversation, a Mexican coworker and myself had a conversation centered around what poor people of color valued and why we are seemingly always out of the loop. So much of our time is spent nickeling and diming on absolutely everything causing us to miss out on some pretty… Read More »