I Love Laughing

By | January 15, 2011

I have been laughing my ass off for weeks now.

I am currently doing research for a series of screwball comedies that I plan to write, shoot and direct. My research includes one episode of “I Love Lucy” a day.

I watched this wacky red head as a kid before learning about comedy, acting and storytelling. There were times when I thought ,”come on folks this is just plain dumb.” As an adult, I recognize fine comedic structure wherever it appears.

I know the challenge in making something so difficult look so easy. Laughter and storytelling have always been a part of our lives. I read somewhere that comedy probably started when a caveman stepped on a banana and took a fall.

This sounds believable to me. However it started, whenever it started is fine with me, I am just overjoyed that it did. Comedy is very important because it is based in truth and allows humans to face dire situations with a light handed touch.

The act of looking at anything and pointed out its incongruities is hysterical.

So much of life’s disappointments and mishaps look a little different given a bit of time and a fresh eye. The fresh eye is what the comic brings to every situation. I did stand up for two and a half years and even produced/directed an evening of comedy every Friday in Greenwich Village.

What a blast.

The other part of comedy that is so awe inspiring is the courage and bravery it requires. Comedy is not for punks. To stand in front of people and consistently share your view point takes some serious balls.

To be willing to fail, look bad, be physically assaulted or insulted all takes true bravery and self confidence. As a young comic, I was unaware of this and didn’t realize how much bravery I would have to muster in an effort to be heard and force people to listen, not agree with my opinions.

Now that I know this what will I do ?

I long for the stand up stage yet have the same fears I had when I began in 1999.

I have two choices: (A) listen to the fear and let it decide the course of action or (b) realize it might never go away and do what I’d love to do anyway.

Stay tuned!

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