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Kicking The Boogeyman in the Groceries: Chris Rock is Back Ya’ll! All Hail the Tambourine

Originally, I was planning on calling this piece F*CK OFF!but it didn’t seem polite and in our current boor-like culture, I didn’t want to add to our collective rudeness. This piece is inspired by the brilliant Chris Rock. Although millennials have taken ownership of the term “bullying”, I’d like to offer some major insights and… Read More »

Why HIV infection rates are up for young black males 2

In the brilliant film, Change, the protagonist is charming, sweet, young and conflicted. As a young, black male, he struggles with his sexual identification. The people who know and love him see gays as problematic. He doesn’t come out or share his feelings for other young men and the cost is brutal. This leads to… Read More »

Why HIV Infection Rates are Up For Young Black Males

The HIV infection rate for young black men who have sex with men is growing at an “alarming” rate. When I recently read this article, I was shocked and disturbed by the statistics. I was angry that not only was HIV still around and attacking our community , it now seems that it has a… Read More »