Kicking The Boogeyman in the Groceries: Chris Rock is Back Ya’ll! All Hail the Tambourine

By | July 1, 2019

Originally, I was planning on calling this piece F*CK OFF!but it didn’t seem polite and in our current boor-like culture, I didn’t want to add to our collective rudeness.

This piece is inspired by the brilliant Chris Rock.

Although millennials have taken ownership of the term “bullying”, I’d like to offer some major insights and solutions. Bullying is not new and depending on the perpetrator he may need his ass whooped and or a swift kick in the groceries.

My friends and family who know me as a Buddhist may be shocked at this revelation and think I’ve lost my marbles; I can assure you I haven’t.

Being bullied by family members and schoolmates for the same reasons(I’m not a real boy) I can declare: Enough is Enough.

I will no longer allow folks to act the fool in my presence and then justify *sshole behavior.

I will no longer allow idiots to share stupid, ridiculous opinions and spew nonsense.

I will no longer allow bad behavior then “discuss” alternate ways *ssholes could have made better choices. I will walk the f*ck off when people decide that any and everything is negotiable and needs to be shared without agreement or consent.

The days of allowing children to run our schools and homes are over.

We can work together to create something wonderful and impactful for all community members.

Folks committed to foolishness will be shocked when you say no more “Shit Sandwiches”.

When I’ve told the girls no more, they get their big feelings hurt and sit around with long faces.

I’m 51 and no longer give a f*ck.

Rock’s Tambourine he talks about the bullshit that is a zero tolerance policy for bullying and I agree that this is total unadulterated bullshit.

Mofos better learn how to deal with *ssholes and d-bags cause at some point before you leave this planet you will have to deal with one.

It could be the broke- as- hell Uncle offering financial advice or the annoying co-worker who you have to cover for so you can both keep your jobs.

A customer service wizard who makes $11 an hour and is pissed so they half-ass do their job.

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