30 Day Challenge- Moving from Dad Bod to Healthy Body Day 14-17

By | March 31, 2019

For the past four or five days, I’ve been bedridden and unable to get to yoga or Salsa or move my body.

Between Nyquil Shooters, vitamin concoctions, tons of water and cayenne/honey/apple cider vinegar infused chamomile tea, there was not much time for anything but sleep.

Major realizations occur when near-death experiences loom.

I realized that everything is about the “approach”.

Without the appropriate approach, you will find that things are difficult and near impossible to complete and accomplish.

My approach to being and getting healthy is simple.

I’ve decided to give up carbs as a way of life for the next thirty and then sixty days.

Part two of the approach-don’t eat shit!

Next, I have cobbled together a group of love soldiers who support me in eating right and getting healthy.

They know I have shit to do and need my wits to get it all done.

Finally, I have taken the most powerful step one can take to create ongoing and successful change- Managing and controlling the environment. Environment is more important than willpower. My new environment means going to bed at the same time, eating a simple and predictable meal, committing to going to yoga a certain number of times per week and not bringing crap into my home.

Perhaps next month, I will start documenting the weight loss on a daily/weekly basis.

I’m joining BBC (Big Brandon Carter, my namesake, and Nephew)and his ($1,000) KETO Challenge.

What should I do with my $1,000 bounty?

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