30 Day Challenge- Moving from Dad Bod to Healthy Body Day 10

By | March 22, 2019

Listen ya’ll I played myself.

I was supposed to get up this morning and hit hot yoga at 6 since I didn’t have to be at work until noon.

However, a warm bed and the thought of a small class where I couldn’t hide in back told me to keep my ass in the bed.

Today,the small quiet voice of sabatoge won.

When I failed to get up and attack my unhealthy disposition, I chose to think about why this remains such a struggle and what to do about it. After a few moments of reflection and some journaling, I remembered that past successful exercise regimes involved an accountability buddy.

When I took on a thirty day challenge in the past, I brought along a pal and together we worked out which enabled me to drop 20 pounds in a month.

If my plan is to live beyond 100 years, it is important that I get and remain healthy.

Time for some serious support and partnership.

I could always reach out to the twitter fam- Big Brandon Carter (BBC) and create a health squad full of old (er) men. Where would I find them? Post on Social Media and see what happens. Stay away from FB but reach out and go for it on Twitter adn Instagram.

Hopefully this quest will inspire myself and other men to attack our healthy goals and love our bodies enough to care for them despite the world’s dismissal and fetishizaton of them.

Sidenote: to all the trainers I’ve offered the finger because I believed the magazines and Hollywood elite who state: working out allows you to eat whatever you want whenever you want, I offer a full, heartfelt apology.

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