The I’m So “Busy” Hoax and What to Do About It

By | March 8, 2015

At a recent all staff meeting, there were some big,scary “what if” scenarios regarding “time management”.

In my personal life, someone is always in a snit because I don’t pounce on my phone like a trained, coked-up seal desperate to be included in every conversation and interaction.

I often “unplug” on a regular basis because the day job is rife with problems no matter the type of interaction.

It’s very popular these days to let people know how “busy” you are.

It is time we got honest about the phrase “I’m busy”.

I’m busy is a very polite way of saying to another person: Who you are or What you have to offer holds no value for me.

Much like the definitive : Maybe (which according to the sublime Les Brown is really a polite no) this is a way of trying to be polite which is often code for “lying”.

When someone says their busy, I go to a particular place in my mind. My mental translation states: this request is not important to you.

We all make time for things we find significant, particularly if there is some type of payoff for us.

When things are of value, we move heaven and earth to make sure whatever needs to get handled gets handled.

What people are not telling you is that they would rather be doing something else. We can take it personally or thank whomever for their honesty and commitment to having a real relationship.

The next time you ask someone to do something or you ask for a favor and someone trots out that tired chestnut, one up them with : What could I say or do so that you see the value in what I’m requesting ?

This year, I will not say: I’m busy.

I will either agree to do something and do it or graciously and unapologetically decline.

My need to explain, justify my choice or lie to save someone’s feelings are a thing of the past.

My no will be a real no and my yes will be real yes.

Most of us hide behind lies to save feelings.

As I turn 47 this year,the lies are over. The masks are now coming off.

It is time to stop using “busyness” as an ineffective panacea for everything.

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