The Ultimate Guide to Saving Black Men Using the Ways of the Amish Part 2

By | September 23, 2014

In the previous post, I pointed out that racism has invented itself as police brutality.

A radical redistribution of wealth would force a new way of thinking and behavior modification.

A movement needs all types of people doing all types of things.

Revolutionaries who need time to think, organize and upset the masses need funding for housing, food and life’s basic necessities

All leaders need financial support to ensure that day jobs don’t derail their first and most pressing commitment(fighting for change).

Reading about the earnings of Jay Z for the first six months of the year ($60 million dollars) has given me many ideas for social movements that could occur if a small portion of his fortune where redirected “Amish” style.

Here is my personal plan (Amish influenced) for a Spending Plan that would yield impressive results.

Using five percent of Jay Z’s six month gross (three million dollars) would look like this:

Three lawyers earning $50,000 each for two years. This group would focus on ways to legislate change.
Total = $300,00

Purchasing buildings to provide free housing and critical thinking space for a group of 100 individuals who are already working for change. Twenty groups of five living communally and being able to create solutions without worrying about a job or paying rent along with free utilities and food. Detroit and cities struggling to attract residents could be examples of purchasing homes and using them for social change. Twenty homes at $30,000 each plus food and utilities ($5,000 a year for two years)
Total= $610,000

Coding, Spanish and Everyday Math courses and materials for our young people in an effort to understand and link our struggles with those who have fought and won similar battles. Teachers, materials and computer supplies including: six teachers being paid Fifty grand each, free housing and medical benefits with an option to renew their contracts every two years.
Total =$400,000

Round the Clock Mental Health Resources : I have no idea how would work and believe that $400,000 would cover the costs.
Total = $400,000

Opening a small bank that would provide interest free loans for any person involved in changing the community.
Total = $1.3 million dollars

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