Three Things to Handle in 2016 to Make Sure Your Life Doesn’t Suck

By | January 18, 2016

Most of us make resolutions drunk on champagne and the belief that with hope as our guide, we can make the impossible possible.

The brilliant Jeff Goins reposted a New Years Resolution tool a year ago that blew me away. Goins suggests that you choose one word as your guiding principle (resolution) and stick with it for 12 months.

My first suggestion to ensure that your new year doesn’t suck is to stop making resolutions and invite change in by living through one word for the year.

I chose two.

My words last year were : Courage and Urgency

Whenever I got ready to speak, spend money, take on a new project or confront someone who had pissed me off, I ran my decisions through these words (courage and urgency) and then took bold action.

When I had to speak with someone I didn’t know that well or request help or assistance, I examined my request and asked myself: what is the most courageous and urgent approach to this dilemma ?

When it came to spending money,the most courageous thing was to make a decision about whether spending money was based on a want or a need.

It takes courage to look at your behavior and decision making skills.

It also takes a bit of urgency to commit to creating a financial solvency plan before everything is lined up, perfect and obsessively planned out.

Having the willingness to fail, ask for help, fail again, ask for help and remain enthusiastic despite current circumstances is the ultimate in courage.

Doing things that have always worked and have a history of successful implementation does not require courage.

For a solid year, my new 9 to 5 work project failed.

It took every bit of guts and perseverance to continue fighting and trusting that I would figure it all out.

My sense of urgency replaced waiting for someone to recognize my commitment and brilliance then lend a hand. When I started acting on my insightful impulses (urgency), things began to change.

My commitment to action inspired my students to believe in my ideas.

My students and I focused on building and relaunching an incredible program.

Building and relaunching our program forced me to confront and challenge people.

In addition to pointedly asking people: Will you help us with this project? And knowing that the answer may be “no”, the biggest confrontation and courageous action was asking myself: Do you see this is not working? Are you ready to admit you know nothing about this situation ? And most importantly, no one’s coming (with all the answers) to save the day now what are you gonna do ?

Answering these simple and profound questions provided clarity regarding who was willing to help and who failed to see the value in what were creating.

Which leads me to the next important bit of business to make this year not suck.

Ger rid of dead weight friends and acquaintances.

Eliminating the “do nothings” and card-carrying members of the “moan and groan society” can be a challenge because they typically provide cheap, predictable entertainment.

Do you have friends and acquaintances who commit to ridiculous choices and allow you to make unchallenged decisions ?

Mentally review last year’s conversations with the “moan and groan society”.

How many bitch sessions involved a job they hate but refused to leave.

A relationship that continues to circle the drain no matter how many times it is examined or discussed.

Ungrateful children who are gonna put them in an early grave or the inability to give up an addiction.

Give these losers the boot and without a whole lot of explanation.

Trust me your presence will be replaced by someone else who wants to stay stuck and enjoys being a member of the broken hearted club.

In many cultures, unless you’ve gotten wiser or improved your life and the life of the community, you are not permitted or encouraged to celebrate your birthday (and you definitely won’t get any cake).

Make some new mistakes.

Challenge yourself to be scared and take action anyway(courage’s true definition).

Finally, get your coins together.

Strive this year to end it debt free, saved up and aggressively invested.

Nothing beats having your finances well managed. Money touches our lives in some aspect at some point.

I live by the credo : Hope is not a strategy.

It is a place to begin.

The hope and belief that you deserve something better.

Start small and don’t stop.

Money management and wealth creation really is a mindset.

Fifty dollars put aside twice a month is $1,200 by years end.

Letting go of cable, trips to casinos and shoes that you can’t afford is worth feeling that no matter the upset or tragedy, you can handle it.

Savings determine whether life’s surprises are an inconvenience or an emergency.

Think of it this way: you are not sacrificing your wants and desires; you are getting to enjoy the benefits of being in control of your money so that life won’t kick you in the junk.

When you’re broke, everything is an emergency.

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