Monthly Archives: July 2011

Why Black and White Love Matters

We as gay people must absolutely unite and support one another completely. We will have no real future or hope for any real obtainable equality if we are not equal and united among ourselves. I try not to judge those who are different than me. And what people who don’t tend to interracially date or… Read More »

Why Black and White Relationships should matter to everyone

I’m a basic mutt Euro-American male. I was adopted and raised from infancy in a very loving, inter-cultural family (a European/African-American household in 1970’s surburban Los Angeles). As such, loving, supportive and long-lasting interracial relationships are all I have ever really known and seen exemplified in my life. I have always remained pretty much quiet… Read More »

The Myth of Independence

Beyonce sang about it. People love to talk about it when everything is going well. It’s a great topic when all is right in your world and you are not attempting to grow with your partner. This huge American obsession with independence is a hoax. There truly is no such thing. Nobody does anything by… Read More »