Why Black and White Love Matters

By | July 11, 2011

We as gay people must absolutely unite and support one another completely.

We will have no real future or hope for any real obtainable equality if we are not equal and united among ourselves. I try not to judge those who are different than me. And what people who don’t tend to interracially date or relate, gay or straight, might actually think about me, my partner, or my life choices is frankly none of my business.

As an enlightened girlfriend of mine once said, ” they don’t pay your bills hon, so why are you trippin ?”

Sadly, the all too repetitive commentary seen on controversy seeking daytime TV talk shows, are often offered by those not involved in an interracial relationship.

These harsh indictments are so often offered by those with obvious unexamined racist misgivings or resentments. Blacks and Whites can be complicit in targeting couples with their unqualified judgment or cruel mockery.

It is only within the safety of great numbers that we can so freely mock those who are not like us or those who dare to live their lives differently than our own. Partnering with someone who isn’t necessarily your mirror image can be spiritually enlightening and truly rewarding if we dare to open ourselves to fresh possibilities.

In my opinion, life with my African-American partner, my precious friends and family members has been nothing short of awakening, enlightening, joyful and yes, ever evolving.

I can say that they have all made me a better, far more culturally sensitive and emotionally responsible man than I otherwise would have been.

My advice to the lovelorn would be to open your eyes and adjust your outlook.

As Janet Jackson so beautifully said to us in a song, ” In darkness we are all the same, it is only our knowledge and our wisdom that separates us. ”

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