30 Day Challenge- Moving from Dad Bod to Healthy Body Day 6

By | March 17, 2019

Yesterday’s hot yoga class sucked serious coconuts.

I couldn’t get through most of the poses and bounced between nausea and body aches.

When you consistently miss workouts because of death or a birthday party or something that someone needs, your body forgets what to do and resists and fights against all attempts to get healthy.

Of course, once the back joins in the fun it is time for the mind to jump in and offer its viewpoint.

“Kid, you ain’t forty; you will always be fat”.

After struggling with the evil inner voice, the instructor shared that what matters is that we show up and get the benefits of being in the room- focus and intention setting. My class made me feel stronger, smarter and more in control of my goals and my body.

After class, I had to face my biggest challenge- not eating a large, sweet cookie and some very sweet tea. This let me know that I can make healthy choices.

We don’t realize that our bodies are designed to self-heal. They are also designed for ultimate health.

So to make sure that this happens I will focus on sleep, exercise, quiet time (which means no electronics, social media and plenty of self-reflection and mind wandering/focus).

Mind wandering allows me to dream and visualize my biggest and best life and what I will do for the world once this part of my life is handled. Focus means once I’m clear on my vision and world contribution, I can take consistent and impactful steps towards my dreams and goals.

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