A Letter to Mike Brown’s Parents

By | September 18, 2014

Dear Mr.and Mrs. Brown,

Please forgive us for not standing up for your son.

Please forgive us for not adopting him early and often in ways that would have made his death preventable.

Forgive me for not understanding and refusing to believe that there are forces out there bent on destroying young, brilliant, beautiful black men.

As a grandfather to a pair of sweet young black boys, I am now aware of the possibility for violence that may be directed at them.

What are your suggestions that will allow for communal change and not exploit your child in the process?

It is time we collectively grieved with you and for him.

Use this time to care for yourselves and get clear about what it is you will demand from the citizens of your town and the police force.

Many people will fear your anger. Great, they should.

Anybody who has ever created anything of value post brutalization was initially motivated by anger.

Understand its presence and power while allowing to create change.

Many folks will suggest you live in gratitude.

May I suggest you live in and for revolution.

May I suggest that you lead us all in a collective movement to understand and annihilate hatred, bigotry and mistreatment of all people.

You and your son are in my thoughts,

Anthony Carter

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