Richard Pryor, Murdered Black Men and Police Brutality

By | September 17, 2014

When I began doing stand up comedy in 1999, I aspired to be as brilliant as Richard Pryor.

Great comedy slams ideas together, questions the ridiculousness of humor behavior, stares at what terrifies and points out how truly stupid and amazing human beings can be.

Great artists force us to self reflect and offer us an opportunity to restructure our lives, seek amends for awful decisions and examine new solutions that require bravery and incredible vulnerability.

Blacks are being assaulted and murdered at an alarming rate.

We could use Mr. Pryor’s insight and incredible storytelling abilities to illustrate what needs to be done and the type of courage that true change requires.

Years ago, I saw a bit he performed where he talked about rape in a comedic light before switching to its after affect (stealing another’s humanity).

We are in need of someone with his stones and a commitment to pointing out that (the slaughter of black bodies) is beyond horrendous.

Where are all the black or white allies in the comedy field who could highlight this current tragic state?

We don’t need more artists talking. We need more artists with something to say.

We need artists who are willing to piss people off immediately after making them laugh.

We need less gratitude and more revolution.

Mr. Pryor could discuss his drug use,fascination with death and his own destruction and make you think that anything was possible and our ability to share our humanity was our greatest strength.

I can picture Richard performing at a policemen’s banquet before heading to the ghetto to perform the same set.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to then bring the groups together for a yuck fest and then a heartfelt discussion about our assumptions, fascination with violence, fear, hatred and distrust of the “other”?

Richard I know you are watching these shenanigans and getting a whole lot of great material.

Do us all a favor and send us a proxy with your love for humanity and ability to tell the truth.

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