Ask the Old Guy Shares Tips On Bravely Dealing with Change

By | July 14, 2019

In a few months, I will be fifty.

It’s hard to believe that the kid who used to dance the night away then jump up and go to work the next day is hitting the big 5-0 in a matter of weeks.

Being married to someone who recently hit the big 6-0 should have been a warning of things to come so to speak.

I always thought I’d enjoy getting older – until it started. Things begin to hurt a little and I found myself asking: whose fat ass has gotten into the shower with me?

Gaining weight and wrinkles let me know that there is not much one can do about getting older.

There is however much I can do about aging.

Aging is a very different process. It involves not allowing our minds to become oatmeal and gradually giving in to becoming feeble and brain-addled which is preventable.

I have spent years making my mind strong, supple and curious.

I have pushed it to the limit and will now go further by finding and committing to some great physical challenge.

There might be a way for us to age and grow and learn and deal with stress in a highly productive manner.

When we are younger and we have no idea how to handle stress and disappointment.

Getting older means either we’ve seen the bullshit that passes as reality or have skills that make us more adept at handling stressors that would have brought us to our knees as a young, spry 23-year-old.

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